Cometan is a British autodidactic philosopher who founded Astronism, the branch of philosophy called cosmic philosophy, and organised the Astronic tradition.

Cometan is a British autodidact and prodigy of philosophy and theology credited as the founder of the branch of philosophy known as cosmic philosophy which deals with the contemplation of astronomical objects and space exploration. Cometan is also the organiser of the Astronic tradition of religions and philosophies which sits alongside the Abrahamic and Dharmic traditions. This has earned him the label of being the first Astronic philosopher and he is often referred to as the philosopher of the stars. Born Brandon Reece Taylor on 1st July 1998 in the city of Preston in the county of Lancashire, England, Cometan’s upbringing was influenced by his devout Roman Catholic grandmother who intended for Cometan to become a priest.

After the separation of his parents when he was four years old, Cometan became introverted and exhibited difficult behaviour as he felt torn between his parents and very lonely as a result. Cometan’s parents would send him to many different activities and hobbies, however, their son didn’t dedicate himself to any of them and he had few close friends beyond his cousins and other family members. However, on the day of his fifteenth birthday, Cometan’s life would change forever when he first had the thought and ambition to become an author.

From then on, he dedicated his life to his writing and he quickly created the fictional character known as Jesse Millette and developed a series of mystery detective novels. These novels would develop to form an entire franchise based on a fictional universe known as the Spacefaring World which would later come to incorporate various Astronist beliefs into its narratives. Not long after this, Cometan started exploring the subjects of philosophy and theology, both of which he became an autodidact and prodigy of.

From the age of seventeen, Cometan began writing the Omnidoxy, the founding treatise of his organised philosophy or religion known as Astronism. Upon the completion of its first redaction, the Omnidoxy would extend to two million words in length making it the longest religious text, the longest philosophical book, and one of the longest books in history. Cometan completed the Omnidoxy when he was about twenty-one or twenty-two years old. With his authorship of the Omnidoxy came the immortalisation of Cometan’s identity and status as a philosopher with the founding of his own philosophy including its own system of ethics, disciplines of study, and nomenclature. Cometan demonstrated significant determination to succeed and listened only to his own instincts rather than words and opinions of others. 

Cometan came to believe that philosophy had been undermined in modern society and proposed that its true utility was not being realised. The philosopher advocated for the reascension of philosophy involving its return as a much needed pillar of society inspired by its central role in Ancient Greek society. With the introduction of reascensionism as part of Astronist belief, Cometan sought to redefine the role and identity of philosophy and philosophers in the current and future society. From a young age, Cometan contributed immensely to the terminology of philosophy and religion and he also made significant developments to metaphilosophy. Cometan is credited with coining the word philosophership along with thousands of other new terms.

Another important element to the philosophership of Cometan is his creation of a new branch of philosophy known as cosmic philosophy. Distinct from the philosophy of cosmology which deals with various theories regarding the creation of the universe, cosmic philosophy deals with contemplations regarding astronomical objects and events as well as space exploration. It explores questions regarding the ethics, viability and potential methodologies of space exploration among other topics from a philosophical point of view.

Cometan has already made significant contributions to the world of philosophy. He considers himself an outsider of the establishment keen to forge his own path involving a unique synthesis of philosophy and religion. Cometan has become a celebrity philosopher branding himself as a new young face in the discipline as he continues to redefine what a philosopher is in the 21st century and beyond.

Cometanic Quotes

“My faith is strongest when the night sky is clear.”

“World, do what you wish with my philosophy, but remember, it will always be mine.”

“Do what is unexpected of you.”

“The Omnidoxy will reveal my philosophy to the world, and it shall encapsulate its ideas forevermore.”

“Your faith should prove itself to you.”

“I have fallen in love with The Cosmos and all of the possibilities it does hold.”

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