List of Famous Philosophers

NameDatesNationalityKnown for
Adam Smith1723 - 1790ScottishThe Wealth of Nations
Al-Ghazali1058 - 1111PersianIslamic Philosophy
Alain de Benoist1943FrenchFounding Nouvelle Droite and GRECE
Alan Turing1912 - 1954BritishTuring Machine and Turing Test
Alan Watts1915 -1973British, AmericanInterpreting and popularizing Easter Philosophy
Albert Camus1913 - 1960FrenchNovels The Strager and The Plague
Albertus Magnus1200 -1280GermanBeing the teacher of St. Thomas Aquinas
AnaximenesBC 585 - 528GreekHis doctrine that air is the source of all things
AristotleBC 384 – 322GreekBeing the teacher of Alexander the Great
Arthur Schopenhauer1788 - 1860GermanThe World as Will and Representation (Book)
Auguste Comte1798 -1857FrenchFounding Sociology
Averroes1126 - 1198AndalusianReconciliation of Aristotelianism with Islam
Ayn Rand1905 - 1982Russain, AmericanObjectivism, The Atlas Shrugged (Novel)
Baruch Spinoza1632 - 1677DutchEthics (Book)
Bertrand Russell1872 -1970BritishFounder of Analytical Philosophy
Cesare Beccaria1738 -1794Italian Founder of Classical Criminal Theory
Charles Sanders Peirce1839 -1914AmericanFounder of Pragmatism
Cometan1998BritishFounder of Astronism
ConfuciusBC 551 - 479ChineseFounder of Confucianism
Daniel Dennett1942AmericanArguments that human consciousness and free will are the result of physical processes in the brain
David Hume1711 - 1776ScottishHis highly influential system of radical philosophical empiricism, skepticism, and naturalism
DemocritusBC 460 -370GreekFormulation of an atomic theory of the universe
DiogenesBC 412 - 323GreekFounder of Cynic philosophy
Edmund Burke1729 - 1797IrishPhilosophical Enquiry into the Origin of Our Ideas of the Sublime and Beautiful (Book)
Edmund Husserl1859 -1938GermanSchool of Phenomenology
Emile Durkheim1858 - 1917FrenchInstitutionalizing sociology, Introducing the sacred–profane dichotomy
Emma Goldman1869 -1940AmericanDeveloping Anarchist Political Philosophy
Epictetus55 -135GreekStoicism
EpicurusBC 341–270GreekFounder of Epicureanism
Francis Bacon1561 -1626BritishBaconian method
Friedrich Engels1820 -1895GermanThe Communist Manifesto
Friedrich Hayek1899 - 1992Austrian, BritishClassical Liberalism
Friedrich Nietzsche1844 -1900GermanHis writings on good and evil, the end of religion in modern society and the concept of a "super-man".
George Berkeley1685 - 1753IrishSubjective Idealism
George Herbert Mead1863 - 1931AmericanFounder of Social Psychology
George Santayana1863 - 1952SpanishFamous Sayings
Georges Bataille1897 - 1962FrenchThe accursed share, base materialism, limit-experience
Gilles Deleuze1925 -1995FrenchCapitalism and Schizophrenia: Anti-Oedipus, A Thousand Plateaus
Giordano Bruno1548 - 1600Italian Cosmological theories
GorgiasBC 485 -380GreekFather of Sophistry
Gottfried Leibniz1646 - 1716GermanOptimism, Advocacy of Rationalism
Hannah Arendt1906 -1975AmericanThe Origins of Totalitarianism (Book)
Henry David Thoreau1817 - 1862AmericanWalden (Book)
Hildegard Of Bingen1098 - 1179GermanFounder of scientific natural history in Germany
Hypatia355 - 415GreekHead of the Neoplatonic school at Alexandria
Ibn Sina980 -1037PersianIslamic Philosophy
Immanuel Kant1724 -1804GermanModern Philosophy
Iris Murdoch1919 - 1999BritishPhilosophical Novels
Jacques Derrida1930 - 2004FrenchDeveloping Deconstruction
Jacques Lacan1901 - 1981FrenchPsychoanalysis
Jean Baudrillard1929 - 2007FrenchAnalyses of the modes of mediation and technological communication
Jean Jacques Rousseau1712 - 1778SwissDevelopment of Modern Politicial and Educational Thought
Jean-Paul Sartre1905 -1980FrenchPhilosophy of existentialism and phenomenology
Jeremy Bentham1748 - 1832BritishFounder of modern utilitarianism
Jiddu Krishnamurti1895 - 1996IndianWorks on philosophical and spritual issues
John Dewey1859 - 1952AmericanAssociation with pragmatism, founder of social psychology
John Hick1922 -2012BritishPhilosophy of religion
John Locke1632 -1704BritishFather of Classical Liberalism
John Rawls1921 -2002AmericanA Theory of Justice (Book)
John Searle1932AmericanHis contributions to the philosophy of language, philosophy of mind and social philosophy
John Stuart Mill1806 - 1873BritishHis contribution to social theory, political theory and political economy
Jonathan Edwards1703 - 1758AmericanRole in the First Great Awakening
Judith Butler1956AmericanGender Trouble (Book)
Julia Kristeva1941Bulgarian-FrenchThe "semiotic" of the pre-mirror stage
Jürgen Habermas1929GermanHis theories on communicative rationality and the public sphere
Karl Barth1886 -1968SwissProtestant theology
Karl Jaspers1883 - 1969German-SwissExistentialism
Karl Marx1818 - 1883German/statelessThe Communist Manifesto, Das Kapital
Lao TzuBC 601 - 531ChineseTao Te Ching, Taoism
Lucien Goldmann1913 - 1970FrenchMarxist theorist
Ludwig Wittgenstein1889 - 1951Austrian, BritishPicture theory of language
Marcus Aurelius121 - 180RomanMeditations (Book)
Mario Bunge1919Argentine Treatise on Basic Philosophy (Book)
Martha Nussbaum1947AmericanCapability approach
Martin Buber1878 - 1965AustrianPhilosophy of dialogue
Martin Heidegger1889 - 1976GermanBeing and Time (Book)
Mary Wollstonecraft1759 - 1797EnglishA Vindication of the Rights of Woman
Max Scheler1874 - 1928GermanFounder of Phenomenology
Max Stirner1806 -1856GermanThe Ego and Its Own (Book)
Meister Eckhart1260 - 1328GermanSpritual Philosophy
Michel Foucault1926 - 1984FrenchTheories on power and knowledge
Miguel De Unamuno1864 - 1936SpanishThe Tragic Sense of Life (Book)
Niccolò Machiavelli1469 - 1527Italian The Prince (Book)
Nick Bostrom1973SwedishFounder of Future of Humanity Institute
Noam Chomsky1928AmericanFather of modern linguistics
ParmenidesBC 515 - 460GreekFounder of the Eleatic school of philosophy
Peter Singer1946AustralianAnimal Liberation (Book)
Plato427 - 347GreekFounder of the Academy in Athens
René Descartes1596 - 1650FrenchFather of Modern Philosophy
Robert Nozick1938 - 2002AmericanAnarchy, State, and Utopia (Book)
Roland Barthes1915 - 1980FrenchInfluencing structuralism, semiotics and anthropology
Rosa Luxemburg1871 - 1919PolishMarxist theorist
Rudolf Steiner1861 - 1925AustrianFounder of Anthroposophy
SenecaBC 4 - 65 ADRomanStoicism
Sigmund Freud1856 - 1939AustrianFather of Psychoanalysis
Simone De Beauvoir1908 - 1986FrenchExistential feminism
Simone Weil1909 - 1943FrenchChristian Mysticism
Socrates469 - 399GreekFounder of Western Philosophy
Sor Juana1651 - 1695SpanishThe Dream
Søren Kierkegaard1813 - 1855DanishFirst existentialist philosopher
Theodor Adorno1903 - 1969GermanCritical theory of society
Thomas Aquinas1225 - 1274Italian Father of Thomism
Thomas Hobbes1588 - 1679EnglishLeviathan (Book), Foundation of Western Philosophy
Thomas Jefferson1743 - 1826AmericanFounder of America
Thomas Kühn1922 - 1996AmericanThe Structure of Scientific Revolutions
U.G. Krishnamurti1918 - 2007IndianSpritual Philosophy
Voltaire1694 - 1778FrenchEnlightment Thinker
Walter Benjamin1892 - 1940GermanAuratic perception, aestheticization of politics
Wilhelm Reich1897 - 1957AustrianControversial and Often radical ideas
William James1842 - 1910AmericanThe Will to Believe Doctrine, the pragmatic theory of truth, radical empiricism
William Lane Craig1949AmericanDebates on the existence of God